ARCOS is pleased to release the first issue of ENDOKWA News- a regional Community network’s Newsletter

Dear reader, welcome to the first issue of ENDOKWA News- a biannual newsletter produced by the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS Network) in collaboration with ARCOS’ community partners through its Nature Based Community Enterprises Programme in the Albertine Rift region and with financial support from Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), to support community learning through regional information sharing.

It also facilitates the rest of the world to know the efforts of community groups in environmental safeguard and poverty reduction. This newsletter is produced in English and Kinyarwanda/Ikirundi. It is produced in the framework of “Nature Based Community Learning Group” as resolved during the Regional Community Exchange Workshop held in Eastern Uganda from 29th to 31st August 2016.

Endokwa means “seedling” in Luganda (One of Ugandan local language). We gave this name to this newsletter to reflect how engaging local communities is a fresh start to finding sustainable solutions for ending poverty and ensuring environmental sustainability. The name also reflects hope and potential of community groups to ensure a better future of our planet.

Endokwa News has five sections including editorial, ARCOS’ NBCEs partners in action under which we put the articles about the activities of one or two community groups (partners) in a bid to publicize what they do and profile how their products are greenly produced, a section on NBCES Success Stories and Experience Sharing under which we put the success stories of the community initiatives (working with ARCOS or/and others) that can inspire communities for sustainable livelihoods, an educative section on the link between environmental protection and livelihoods where we focus on illustrating the strong link between environmental safeguard and the wellbeing of humanity and a section on events and announcement. In this first issue, we will zoom into the work done by COABA and KEFA cooperatives; we will also hear from the coffee farmers and they will take us through the journey towards getting Rainforest Alliance certificates and how they are benefiting now.

Finally, you will read through an educative article on the link between environmental management and well-being of people. Under this, you will read a story on the animal chosen for this issue- “Earthworm.” Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find anything we can improve to meet your expectations.

Please, download a pdf copy of the newsletter here.

Enjoy the reading!