Gicumbi: Cooperatives received training on enhancing sustainability principles

Since 18th January 2022, the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) and the Rwanda National Fund for Environment and Climate Change (FONERWA) were engaged into a 10-month partnership to coordinate the establishment and implementation of the pilot phase of FONERWA Climate Change Community Adaptation Fund (CAF) as part of Green Gicumbi Project (GGP). 

Through this partnership, ARCOS was assigned to engage and train local community cooperatives and assist them in business development and implementation. To all intents and purposes, ARCOS is also providing technical support and strategic guidance for overall coordination of CAF pilot phase since January. 

“As part of capacity building exercise, ARCOS has trained the participating cooperatives in sustainability principles through ARCOS’ BEST  Approach, and has accompanied them through a visioning and business development process which was concluded by submission of individual project proposals to FONERWA for funding through CAF”. Said Brigitte Kanyamugenge, Head of Community Development Programme at ARCOS. 

Boniface Mundere, a resident of Rubaya, leads Noza Ubuhinzi, a farmer cooperative trying to practice sustainable agriculture. Emphasized that the acquired training will help his cooperative towards effective operations and sustainability.  

It is important to note that the training acquired by the 77 cooperatives themed on the four key elements of the integrated ARCOS’ BEST approach, namely: Building leadership and sustainable institutions, Enhancing environmental resilience, Sustainable business solutions, Transforming and Inspiring others.