FONERWA&ARCOS hosted a workshop for Gicumbi local leaders to highlight the role and responsibilities of Sectors and District in the implementation of the Community Adaptation Fund

Wednesday, 6th April 2022, the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) in partnership with the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) hosted a one-day workshop with Gicumbi local leaders aiming to highlight the role and responsibilities of Sectors and Districts for a smooth and successful piloting of Community Adaptation Fund (CAF). In addition to this, the meeting provided a recap of the ongoing implementation of CAF.

It should be cognizant that this meeting was attended by the Vice Mayor of Gicumbi district in charge of Economic Affairs, FONERWA, Green Gicumbi and ARCOS staff team. The meeting brought together the  nine sectors (Bwesigye, Byumba, Kaniga, Mukarange, Cyumba, Manyagiro, Rushaki, Rubaya and Shangasha) Executive Secretaries accompanied by Business Development Officers and Agronomists of the mentioned above sectors. 

Since January, in partnership with the Rwanda Green Fund(FONERWA), the Albertine Rift Conservation Society has been co-implementing the Community Facility Adaption(CAF)-a subprogram of the Green Gicumbi project. This subprogram aims to finance local restoration interventions in the Gicumbi district. 

In her opening remarks, the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Affairs, Parfaite Uwera thanked participants of the meeting for dedicating their time for this meeting. Mrs Parfaite foregrounded how lucky Gicumbi, as a district is, for having such a project aiming to restore the environment and improve people’s livelihoods. Mrs Parfaite uttered that the present local leaders must keep watching up on the cooperatives engaged in CAF for the sake of sustainability of their projects.

At the end of her welcoming remarks, the Vice Mayor was followed by Dr Sam Kanyamibwa, Executive Director of ARCOS. “After so many years of talk, it is time for action, particularly for the benefits of communities who are at the forefront of natural resources management.” said Dr Sam. 

He called up on Gicumbi leaders to lend a hand to their communities, by facilitating the establishment of small initiatives which can generate income coupled with preserving the environment.  

It is worth mentioning that in his presentation, Eric Karerangabo, Knowledge Management Specialist at FONERWA, revealed to the participant of the workshop that the project aims to enhance the capacity of the government of Rwanda to advance financial innovation to accelerate climate change adaptation and mitigation in line with its Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement. Eric emphasized that the rationale of this fund is to sustain the restoration activities of the Green Gicumbi project even after its termination. He recalled that, if this pilot is implemented successfully, this approach can be scaled up to the country level.

Participants of the workshop committed to assuring both the District and CAF implementors a continued collaboration towards the success of this project.