Prof Lars Kristoferson


Advisory vice-chair



Prof Lars Kristofersonson holds a PhD in Plasma Physics and Astronomy from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University (1976). His former numerous functions include among others, being ARCOS Board Chair for four years, Secretary General/CEO of WWF-Sweden (1999 - 2007), Member of the Board, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (1996 - 2003), Professor of Energy Systems Analysis and International Environmental Policy at the Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University (1996 -99), Secretary General of Baltic 21 - Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Regional¬Ě, Ministry of Environment, Sweden (1997 - 1999) and Vice Director and Director for Energy and Technology Programs, Stockholm Environment Institute, (1989 - 1997), and Vice Executive Director, Beijer Institute, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1983 - 1989). He has played leading role in promoting renewable energy in Sweden and in developing countries. He is currently Member of the Board, GETT Fuel Cells International ABB, Board of Trustees, Seychelles Island Foundation, Seychelles, Member of the Water Academy, Norway, and Member of the Swedish National Committee for World Energy Conference. Lars is Author and Editor of over 100 publications, primarily concerning societal, policy and technological aspects of Environment, Energy, Research, Evolution and Resources. He brings to ARCOS his extensive network with several institutions such as the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA); World Bank, UNDP; UN FAO; World Resources Institute; etc.